First Amendment Neighborhood News
From a Police Report
 San Antonio (25 August 2015) A peaceful neighborhood in far northwest San Antnio was jarred awake at 1:15 this morning by a loud crash.  A 5,000 pound Montero, driven by Carla E. Yebra (age unknown) of the 7700 block of Sandia Bluff crashed into a parked, 14,000 pound Ford F-350 dually, sending it backwards, the massive front end airborne for 15 to 16 feet, propelling it over the curb, thence sideways, plowing up an arc of landscaping, and stopping over thirty five feet away.  The heavy diesel truck slammed into yet another parked F 350, pushing it three feet back.
   The airbags deployed on the Montero and Ms. Yebra and her female passenger had surprisingly minimal injuries.  Neighbors who came to help reported the occupants of the Montero reeked of alcohol.  The investigating officer (badge # 2242) also indicated he suspected alcohol played a part and revealed that SAPD arrests numerous drunk drivers on that street and that most of them are students at nearby UTSA.  These allegations are troubling since Ms. Yebra indicated to this reporter that she is in a medically-related field.
   Ms. Yebra ( @Carlittita ) apparently phoned her parents and boyfriend soon after the high speed crash.  They came quickly and before long officer # 2242 revealed to this reporter that he was on the verge of arresting them for interfering with his investigation, especially the sobriety test.  Also, we await an investigation to determine if calls or texts were sent or received by cell phone number 210-781-2334 in the moments before Ms. Yebra demolished the F 350.
   An individual with some knowledge of the laws of physics, on analyzing the displacement of the very heavy diesel truck, theorized Ms. Yebra was driving at 70 to 100 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Officer # 2242 reported there were no skid marks.  At first, Ms. Yerba told this reporter she had swerved to avoid hitting an animal.  She later told the police she had no memory of what happened.
   The owner of the totaled F 350 is now saddled with huge costs to replace it since insurance will likely pay only $10,000 and a replacement F 350 will cost $55,000 to $60,000.  Ms. Yebra's boyfriend was indignant when this calculation was brought to her attention as she was being escorted away by her mother.  Is it now permissible to inflict financial ruin on another and not suffer consequences?
   Whatever happened to personal responsibilty?

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