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Our plants are not like those found at the big box stores or chain nurseries.  Those merchants usually stock only the top 10 sellers in each category (trees, shrubs, vines, etc.)  And, regrettably, much of their inventory consists of short-lived trees, disease-prone shrubs, slug-and-snail-bait bedding plants and fruit trees that will never produce a crop in our zone.  Many of the species on the list of Plants to Avoid can be found in their displays.  While those stores offer large quantities and low prices, they also sell many doomed plants, guaranteed to fail without expensive and time-consuming intervention. 

We, however, offer small quantities of extraordinary plants, most are uncommon, many are rare.  But all will live in our zone, if given the appropriate conditions.  Horticultural happiness comes when one selects the right plant for the right site. 

The items below represent a tiny fraction of the more than 2500 species we can grow in San Antonio and Austin.  The multi-page Recommended Plants though extensive, is still incomplete. 

Check back often, we plan to add more new plants throughout the year.  Some of these plants are available in very small quantites, please order early to avoid disappointment.


The Floresflowers Store is dormant! 
However, many of these plants are still available 
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15 Nov. 2010

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Please note: 
  • The sample display immediately below these words indicates, with the green zone in its lower half, the range of light exposure recommended for a plant we sell.  All the new plant pages now have this feature.
Dense Shade
Half Day Sun
Intense Full Sun


Before you replant:

Not every plant sold locally will thrive here.  Some experimentation is fine, but reinventing the wheel is time consuming and expensive.

Do not replace plants that succumb to droughts, floods or hard freezes with more of the same.

Take notice of which plants survive in our area with minimal care and include those in your landscapes.

Take notice of which plants thrive in shade and which thrive in sunny sites.

Include in beds, or whole sprinkler zones, plants with similar water needs.

Finally, there is no horticultural Utopia, nor any other Utopia, where mortals toil.  Sir Thomas More named his magnum opus, NusquamaNusquam, an adverb in Latin, means, “in no place” or “nowhere.”  Nusquama, a noun, hence, can be translated as, “Nowhereville.”   An unknown individual changed the title to, Utopia, the Greek equivalent, when it was being printed at Louvain. 

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