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.A brace of books from each of two very articulate men who have learned much from their gardens.
.Great garden photography.  From where do they come? And two herbals, one modern and local, the other an old classic.
.Hortus 3rd is THE reference for nomenclature. Loqueris latine? Do you speak Latin?*  And the origin and meaning of plant names.

*Most will respond, "Non loquor latine", "I do not speak Latin."

.Ideas for the dry garden, flowers best admired by moonlight and the old gardens and heirloom plants of early America.  And all about garden troughs - for herbs, succulents, bulbs, etc.
.The huge compendium of solutions to garden problems.  Name that weed.  Concrete solutions for ornamental desires. *
.Go, ye therefore, be fruitful and multiply.  And what do you do with the excess propagations?  Why, you start a nursery!
.Tropical fruits appropriate for the subtropics of Texas - avocado & citrus.  And, the last word on Cannas - gaudy and garish - yet glad to have them. 
.I bamboozle you not.  Every landscape should have at least one kind of bamboo.
.One more on bamboo, two about ornamental grasses and an authoritative handbook on caring for bermudagrass.
.Landscape Design101, plus three excellent books for southern gardeners.
.Hi, my name is Manuel.  I have an addiction.  I have a thing for tropical plants.  My tropical delusions have cost me thousands of dollars.  That's why I've joined this 12 step program.
.A rose by any other name ... *
.Palms, palm-like plants, cycads, and yet more cycads. *
.Some Yankee organic techniques to extrapolate for Texas conditions.  The old is back in style.  Have you lost your gourd? *
.Learn to live off the land!  Be productive. Peppers  are hot now - in restaurants and in gardens.
.Forget the cow skulls and rusty wagon wheels - desert gardens are beautiful.  You call them Amaryllis, I call them Hippeastrum - many of these bulbs thrive in our zone.
.Angel's trumpets Gabriel never played.  Complete guides to crepe myrtles, oaks and salvias.
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