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Asteraceae (Compositae)

Aster Family

Achillea spp. - Yarrow - Perennial 

Aphanostephus - Lazy Daisy - Short-Lived Perennial -

Artemisia ludoviciana - Estafiate, Mugwort - Perennial Herb

Artemisia ludoviciana 'Valerie Finnis' - 'Valerie Finnis' Mugwort - Perennial Herb
Aster oblongifolium - Fall Aster, Mexican Aster - Perennial

Fall flowers, especially if displayed by members of the Sunflower Family, tend to be too gaudy for my tastes. The so-called mums are anything but mum when in bloom. This plant, a mainstay of old-fashioned gardens in south-central Texas, requires no glacier goggles for viewing. Also, its presence in the landscape does not call for a repeal of the time-honored Laws of Color Harmony.

Unlike the New England Asters sold locally by the big box stores, this one will actually thrive in our area. It needs full to half-day sun and is very drought-tolerant once established. However, it does look best if given a deep watering every week during a dry summer.

Baileya multiradiata -Desert Marigold -

Berlandiera - Green-Eyes -

Calendula - Annual

Calyptocarpus vialis - Horse Herb - Groundcover - Does best in shade and is very drought-tolerant once established.

Chromolaena odorata - Also sold as Eupatorium odoratum - Blue Boneset, Fragrant Boneset - Perennial - Grows to 6' to 8' and bears lilac-blue flowers in fall for the Monarch butterflies as they migrate to the highlands west of Mexico City for the winter. Does best with afternoon shade.

Chrysactinia mexicana - Damianita - Perennial - Deerproof evergreen mounds of aromatic foliage to 12" with small golden-yellow "daisies" throughout the growing season. Needs full sun and is very drought-tolerant once established.

Chrysanthemum sp. - Ox-Eye Daisy - Wildflower

Cichorium - Chicory - Edible

Cirsium - Thistle - Pernicious Weed

Coreopsis - Tickseed - Wildflower

Cosmos sulphureus - Golden Cosmos - Self-Sowing Annual -

Cynara - Artichoke - Short-Lived edible Perennial

Dahlia spp. and hybrids - Dahlia - Short-Lived Perennial

Dendranthema spp. and hybrids - Mum - Short-Lived Perennial

Dimorphotheca - African Daisy - Annual

Dyssodia - Dahlberg Daisy - Wildflower

Echinacea - Cone-Flower - Short-Lived Perennial 

Engelmannia - Engelmann Daisy - Wildflower

Erigeron - Fleabane -

Eupatorium havanense - Butterfly Boneset - Perennial - A shrublet for sites receiving at least one-half day sun.  Very drought-tolerant once established. Produces white to pale pink flowers around the equinoxes. 

Eupatorium odoratum - See Chromolaena odorata

Eupatorium viburnoides - Shrub

Euryops - Shrub Daisy - Short-Lived Perennial 

Flourensia laurifolia - Shrub

Gaillardia - Indian Blanket - Wildflower

Gazania -

Gerbera jamesonii - Gerber Daisy -

Gynura - Velvet Plant - Perennial 

Helianthus giganteus - Giant Sunflower - Perennial - The fall flower spikes reach 10' high on this imposing perennial. Requires full sun and deep soakings every 2 weeks in the absence of rainfall.

Lactuca - Lettuce - Edible Annual

Liatris mucronata - Gayfeather - Perennial 

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia- Tahoka Daisy - Wildflower

Melampodium - Blackfoot Daisy - Very short-lived in cultivation.  NOT RECOMMENDED

Pseudogynoxis chenopodioides - Flame Vine - Tender Perennial -

Ratibida - Mexican Hat - Wildflower

Rudbeckia - Black-Eyed Susan - Wildflower


Senecio - Groundsel -

Silphium albiflorum - - Perennial 

Silphium laciniatum - Compass Plant - Perennial 

Silphium perfoliatum - - Perennial 

Solidago odora - Licorice Goldenrod - Perennial -

Stevia rebaudiana - Sweet Herb - Tender Perennial Herb -

Tagetes campanulata - Canyon Marigold - Perennial

Tagetes lemmonii - Lemmon's Marigold - View Specimen - Perennial - This Arizona native is sometimes confused with T. palmeri. However, it is more cold-hardy, its flowering heads are smaller and it is a smaller plant overall.

Tagetes lucida - Mint Marigold, Yerbaniz - Perennial

Tagetes lucida subsp. schiedeana - Mayan Mint Marigold, Yerbaniz - Perennial

Tagetes mulleri - Mountain Marigold - Perennial - A surprisingly shade-tolerant species from the high elevations of the  Sierra Madre Oriental, south of Monterrrey, Nuevo León. It tends to bloom around the equinoxes, spring and fall, producing 2" diameter yellow-orange heads.

Tagetes nelsonii - 'Tequila Daisy' - Perennial - A giant cousin of the Copper Canyon Daisy. It too has small, golden blooms, but it grows up to 6' high by 8' wide and the foliage of this clonal selection is evergreen to 25° F. Grow it in full sun and do not fertilize to maintain it more compact.

Tagetes palmeri - 'Copper Canyon Daisy' - View Specimen  - Perennial - A 2' to 4' fall-bloomer for full sun if grown with benign neglect; much larger if grown in partial shade, fertilized and irrigated. An infusion of the leaves is used medicinally by the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon for upset stomachs. It makes a more spectacular flowering specimen than T. lemmonii. Very drought-tolerant once established.

Tagetes parryi - Parry's Marigold - View Specimen - Perennial

Tanacetum - Tansy - Herb

Taraxacum - Dandelion - Edible Annual, but weedy.

Tithonia spp. - Mexican Sunflower - Wildflower

Verbesina - Crown-Beard, Frost Weed - Perennial -
Vernonia baldwinii - Baldwin's Ironweed, Baldwin's Vernonia - Perennial

The garden, in early summer, will never be the same once you discover this Texas native perennial with its large clusters of purple flowered heads. Its leafy flowering stalks can grow up to 4' to 6' and eventually form wide clumps. The specimen illustrated here was propagated from plants found growing along the Cibolo Creek in Boerne. Grows in full sun to half-day sun. Looks best if given a deep watering every week during a dry summer. 

Vernonia lindheimeri - Lindheimer's Ironweed - Perennial

Viguiera stenoloba - Golden-Eye - Perennial 

Wedelia - Groundcover

Zexmenia - Perennial

Zinnia - Annual

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