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Spurge Family

Acalypha sp. - Chenille Plant, Copper Plant - Tender

Breynia sp. - Snowbush - Tender Perennial

Cnidoscolus aconitifolius - Ornamental Chaya - Perennial

Cnidoscolus chayamansa - Chaya - Edible Perennial

Croton alabamensis var. texensis - Giant Dove Weed - Shrub

Euphorbia antisyphilitica - Candelilla - Succulent

Euphorbia pulcherrima - Poinsettia - Perennial

Jatropha dioica - Leather-Stem - Succulent Perennial

Manihot esculenta - Manioc, Tapioca - Tender Perennial

Manihot esculenta (variegated) - Variegated Manioc, Variegated Tapioca  - Tender Perennial

Manihot grahamii - Hardy Tapioca - Perennial

Manihot subspicata - Brush Country Tapioca - Perennial - Plants propagated from the populations near Lake Corpus Christi can be grown here in well-drained sites and on slopes.

Manihot walkerae - Texas Tapioca - Perennial

Ricinus communis - Castor Bean - Annual

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