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Beech Family
Quercus buckleyi - Hill Country Red Oak, Spanish Oak, Texas Red Oak - Tree

First, the good news about this tree. Some specimens of this species show spectacular fall color most years. Now, the bad news. Some forms have brown, dead leaves that persist all winter until newly emerging leaves pop them off. But, for the really bad news, Quercus buckleyi is the Typhoid Mary of the current epiphytotic of Oak Wilt in this region. 

Other Oaks with similar foliage and the same susceptibility to Oak Wilt include: Quercus canbyi (Canby's Oak, Sierra Red Oak), Quercus gracilliformis (Chisos Red Oak), Quercus sartorii (Sartor's Oak) and Quercus sillae (Saddle Mountain Oak).

Quercus canbyi - Canby's Oak, Sierra Red Oak - Tree

Quercus fusiformis - Hill Country Live Oak - Tree

Quercus germana - Avocado-Leaf Oak - Tree

Quercus gracilliformis - Chisos Red Oak - Tree

Quercus hinckleyi - Hinckley's Oak - Shrub

Quercus laceyi - Lacey's Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)
Quercus macrocarpa - Bur Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)

The Bur Oak is possibly the most majestic and long-lived of the Oaks one can grow in Texas. Its canopy can span more than 60 feet in diameter and its uppermost leaves can be over 100 feet above the ground. Its specific epithet, macrocarpa, means "large fruit". The acorn in the photograph, still in its frilly cup, is typical of the species. Its deciduous leaves are very large and deeply lobed.  Thankfully, it is resistant to Oak Wilt. Two other readily available species having resistance to that fatal fungal disease include: Quercus laceyi (Lacey's Oak) and Quercus muehlenbergii (Chinkapin Oak).

It needs full to half-day sun and is very drought-tolerant once established. However, young specimens look best if given a deep watering every two weeks during a dry summer.

Quercus  marilandica - Blackjack Oak - Tree

Quercus  marilandica X stellata - Black-Post Oak - Tree

Quercus muehlenbergii - Chinkapin Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)

Quercus polymorpha - Mexican Live Oak - Tree

Quercus pungens var. vaseyana - Vasey's Oak - Shrub (rarely a Tree)

Quercus rysophylla - Loquat-Leaf Oak - Tree

Quercus sartorii - Sartor's Oak - Tree

Quercus sillae - Saddle Mountain Oak - Tree

Quercus sinuata var. breviloba - Shin Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)

Quercus sinuata var. sinuata - Durand White Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)

Quercus stellata - Post Oak - Tree (Resistant to Oak Wilt)

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