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Recommended Plants for San Antonio, Austin & Vicinity (a partial listing)
Most of the plants listed on these pages are not generally found at the big-box stores or chain nurseries. They are found in (A) area nurseries who propagate some of what they sell, or (B) specialist nurseries, both local and regional, or (C) mail order nurseries, domestic and overseas, (D) internet auction sites, or (E) in their habitat, where you'll collect seed or cuttings (as I have) and bring them home. Even those plants found at one of the first five sources will not be available year-round - you'll need to plan and be patient.  Having a unique landscape beautified with the unusual and the exotic is not easy or inexpensive.
If you are one of the many who is uncomfortable with Latin names, please try the following.  Select one of the plants and click on the link to its Family page, most plants there will have common as well as botanical names. If you need a description or photograph of a plant, use its botanical name to run an internet search.
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The botanical images on this site were produced by The Photon Hunt.

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