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Buttercup Family
Aquilegia dichroa --->
- Lusitanian Columbine -
An extraordinary perennial for shady
sites.  Needs very good drainage and 
additional water during dry spells.  
Will self-sow in ideal locations.

Anemone spp. & hybrids - Anemone - Perennial

Aquilegia canadensis - Hill Country Columbine - Perennial

Aquilegia chrysantha - Golden Columbine - Perennial

Aquilegia chrysantha var. hinckleyana - Hinckley's Columbine - Perennial

Aquilegia dichroa - Lusitanian Columbine - Perennial

Aquilegia elegantula - Elegant Columbine - Perennial

Aquilegia skinneriana - Skinner's Columbine - Perennial

Clematis pitcheri - Purple Native Clematis - Vine

Clematis texensis - Texas Clematis - Vine

Consolida ambigua - Annual Larkspur - Self-Sowing Annual

Ranunculus spp. & hybrids - Buttercup, Ranunculus - Grown as Annuals

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