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Styrax Family

Styrax glabrescens - Shrub

Styrax glabrescens var. pilosus - Shrub

Styrax orizabensis - Shrub

Styrax platanifolius subsp. mollis - Shrub - The plants we have in our landscape are propagated from specimens I discovered in 1987 at the southern end of the mountain range that is the type locality of Agave ovatifolia. They grow in moist SE facing canyons with Big Tooth Maple and Chinkapin Oak. 

Styrax platanifolius subsp. platanifolius - Sycamore-Leaf Snowbell - Shrub

Styrax platanifolius subsp. stellatus - Velvet Snowbell - Shrub

Styrax platanifolius subsp. texanus - Texas Snowbell - Shrub

Styrax platanifolius subsp. youngiae - Velvet Snowbell - Shrub - While first discovered in the Davis Mountains of west Texas, most cultivated planrs are derived from seed collected in Coahuila.

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